Utah's Hogle Zoo
The Zoo currently is home to one female polar bear named Rizzo.

Meet Rizzo!

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The Challenge | Utah’s Hogle Zoo Polar Bear Challenge
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The Challenge

Once you’ve registered, The Polar Bear Challenge is a 21-day long competition that gives your class the chance to reduce your energy consumption. They can vote to make those changes at school, home or both.

We have partnered with the Sea World My Actions website to make your data collection much easier. The site has four categories (Saving Energy, Reducing, Helping Others, and Going Outside) with multiple actions your students can choose from for their project.  As a bonus, your class will be supporting Polar Bears International’s (PBI) conservation fund. Every action they take will raise money for polar bear research and conservation through the Sea World and Bush Gardens Conservation Fund.

Students may participate in the Challenge between February 16, 2017 and April 10. It takes 21-days to start a habit, so your class must participate in their action projects for a minimum of 21-days to be considered for the Zoo’s prizes.